3 Reasons To Store Your Business Inventory Off-site

Running a business, small or large, often means that you need a fair amount of inventory on hand to fill orders and keep growing. Inventory, however, can quickly pile up, and, depending on what that inventory is, can even degrade, or make you a target for burglary if not stored properly. If you are a business owner and wondering about what to do with your on-site inventory, below are three reasons it makes perfect sense to store your business inventory off-site.

It helps you stay organized

One thing that any small business owner can say for certain is that there always seems like there is never enough space. Desks, electronics, filing cabinets – all of these things quickly add up and anything extra on top of that (i.e. Inventory) can start to feel like clutter. Keeping your inventory in a self storage unit is a good way to declutter your office, make it more productive and put you in a healthier, more organized frame of mind.


Depending on what you are selling, or what your inventory is, having it laying around an office that is easy to break into could mean you become a target for thieves. A good self storage facility takes security very seriously and devotes a considerable amount of money, as well as manpower to ensuring that your unit is always looked after. Most self-storage facilities will have cameras, and other electronic monitoring, as well as be able to offer you high quality locks that can stand up to things like bolt cutters.

The integrity of your inventory

Some businesses hold inventory that is climate sensitive (such as electronics, or furniture) and if not sold quickly, can become damaged or unsellable if it is left to simply sit around in an office that it either too hot, too cold, or fluctuates too rapidly between each. A climate-controlled self storage unit is the perfect way to ensure that your inventory is always being stored at its ideal temperature and you can be confident that when someone places an order, you are filling it with an item that will not be returned.

Running your business means making plans for your inventory and knowing how to get the most out of your available office space. If space is at a premium, or if your items are in need of extra protection and temperature regulation, consider the above benefits of storing your inventory off-site in a self storage facility.